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Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

A good exercise bike is often found in a home gym or a club. Stationary bikes are used for year-round workouts, depending on what one intends to use them for. There are numerous types of exercise bikes on the market, and each has different features. One needs to take into account several factors when going for an exercise bike. This will ensure that you get the right stationary bike that meets your expectations.

Below are some important factors you should consider when choosing your new exercise bike:

The Resistance: Is the Excersise Bike Magnetic or Mechanical?

One of the essential factors that define the ride and feel of any exercise bike is the type of resistance system that it uses. The top-rated exercise bikes in the market have magnetic or mechanical resistance systems. You need to know how they work and what are their major differences before making a purchasing decision.

Is the Console With or Without a Bluetooth?

The console is the part of the exercise bike which displays vital statistics such as time, distance covered, and calories burned. You can find out more useful information from an stationary bike at the console. The console comes in two kinds. 

One is with a Bluetooth option and the other one is without. If you have a smartphone, you can pair it to the Bluetooth enabled console which helps you to track your progress. This way you can compete with others on the online platform and also keep yourself motivated to give better performance next time.  

Is the Exercise Bike Seat Adjustable?

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a stationary bike is whether the seat is adjustable or not. While there are static bikes where the seat will be in the same spot, on a more advanced model, you’ll be able to adjust it forward and backward as well as up and down. 

Of course, this feature won’t make much of a difference if you’re only planning on using it at home (and in fact, many people prefer a stationary bike with a fixed seat because it’s easier to use and doesn’t give way). But these adjustments are what set apart an advanced model from a simple one and usually give you more of a workout.

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Is Maximum User Weight Supported?

Maximum user weight is key to the functionality of a bike. If you are tall or overweight, it would be a waste of hard-earned money to buy an exercise bike without considering this feature. So, if you are an active person weighing more than 250 pounds, make sure that the bike you intend to buy supports this weight capacity.

Are the Handlebars Adjustable?

Does the exercise bike come with handlebars that are adjustable? This is a very important feature. You don’t want to have to think twice about whether or not you will be able to enjoy a comfortable workout.

What Is the Comfort and Fluidity of the Flywheel Weight?

The flywheel weight enhances the comfort of the exercise bike; on the other hand, its fluidity increases the effectiveness of the workout. If you have opted for a higher grade, you will be rewarded with a fluid flywheel weight.

How Safe Is the Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes do have lots of moving parts and can be unstable, so follow the instructions. Make sure that your fitness bike is secured and out of reach of children, or you may want to consider folding exercise bikes if there are kids in your home, to offer more guarantee of safety. It is in fact, a general rule of thumb that children should be kept away from all training pieces of equipment – not just exercise bikes.

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Is It an Upright or Recumbent Bike?

The stationary bike is the upright one we all recognize. The recumbent bike has a backrest that helps you to sit and offer some level of comfort as a chair would. The recumbent bike is less challenging than the stationary bike. Moreover, the variety of recumbent bikes are limited.

The Design of the Exercise Bike

The design of an exercise bike, while not as important as the other factors, can affect the comfort level of the user. Depending on your preferences, this can be a deciding factor.


For most people, price is the first consideration when buying a new exercise bike. If you are serious about your workout and want something that will last you for many years to come, you should consider taking advantage of stationary bikes that are within your budget but offer value for your money. Most exercise bike reviews that focus on cost-effectiveness would suggest that while you might be tempted to buy a cheap stationary bike, you should learn to hold back your thirst for a bargain and invest in a high-quality exercise bike instead.

It can be a little confusing and intimidating when you are trying to find the right exercise bike for you, especially with so many different types of bikes available. The key to finding the right one is what suits your personal needs, and the type of riding that you will be doing on it. Use these tips to narrow down your selection process, and find exactly what you are looking for in a quality exercise bike.