Comfortable Cruisers

Here Are The 5 Most Comfortable Cruisers for Your Long Distance Ride

This article is provided by Heather Harrington, RumbleOn Evangelist

Did you know that motorcycles have an average gas mileage of 56 miles per gallon? With such a high mpg, bikers don’t need to stop very often, especially when cruising on a long distance road trip. With that in mind, it’s vital that riders recognize the importance of comfort before they hit the open road. You wouldn’t want to take a speed bike cross country with your back hunched over your handlebars — cruisers definitely take the win in the comfort category. However, what cruiser is best for you and your trip? To help you out we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most comfortable cruisers.

Indian Chief

Indian seems to find it’s way on to practically every “best” list there is. Much like their other models, the Indian Chief offers a timeless, stylish aesthetic while also offering superior comfort. Indian has established a strong reputation for putting the wants and needs of riders at the forefront of their brand and the Chief clearly sports this image. From a thunderstruck engine that takes the bike to a whole new level, to a quick and graceful ride, the Chief stands above its competition. Let’s not forget about the comfort level. While the Indian Chief is a firm ride, it’s the comfortable kind of firm, sort of like an orthopedic mattress. The Chief also offers superior handling ability that is practically made for any bumps along the road.

Kawasaki VN 2000

Kawasaki is known for sport bikes, but they also have an incredible cruiser – that’s where the VN 2000 comes in. This cruiser doesn’t look anything like a sport bike and has made the comfortability list for good reason. The Kawasaki VN 2000 has a perfect seat and handlebar set up that doesn’t force riders to reach too far for anything. The bike also incorporates a highly effective braking system that is right at your fingertips ready to squeeze. Also if you’re looking for a larger cruiser, this may just be your perfect fit. The VN 2000 also offers a 5.5-gallon tank and 16-inch tires. 

Suzuki M1800R

What if you want something that offers the comfort of a cruiser, but the more sleek look of a sport bike? If that’s the case then the M1800R is right for you. This bike offers a more modern look that balances traditional and futuristic characteristics. Suzuki also made a conscious effort to keep riders happy with this more unique model. From the roar of the engine to the slight dip in the seat to maximize comfort, it’s clear that the best interests of the rider were kept in mind from start to finish. The M1800R has also harnessed the reputation of being a great beginner cruiser due to its easy handling and control.

Comfortable Cruisers

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson is the royal king of cruisers, and the Street Glide stands above other Harley models for numerous reasons. First of all, this bike offers a low ride which maximizes the overall level of comfort by eliminating the reach distance. Second, the Street Glide can handle riders of any size because of its simple handling ability and sturdiness. While this bike excels in comfort, it also is just a great looking motorcycle. The Street Glide looks like a Harley, but it also sports a more unique aesthetic built for turning heads and peaking interest.

Yamaha XV1900

The Yamaha XV1900 manages to combine the look of a Harley and an Indian. To package with its good looks the XV1900 also maximizes comfort with an exceptionally padded seat and height perfect for a relaxing cruise. However, while other bikes on the list are easy to handle, that’s not necessarily the case with the Yamaha XV1900. It will take a much more experienced and confident rider to be successful and comfortable on this bike, but if you fall into that category it could be the perfect one for your next long trip.

Whether you’re riding through town or hitting the highway for a cross-country road trip, these five cruisers are sure to provide maximum comfort and maybe even turn a few heads along the way.