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5 App Options To Help You Maintain Your Car

To stay safe on the roads and reduce the depreciation of your car, it’s important to focus on car maintenance. Of course, you’ll have regular maintenance checks, but in the mean time there are many apps which may come in handy.

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1. Drivvo

With the help of the Drivvo app, you can save money on your vehicle expenses. Here you can manage your expenses, maintenance, refueling, and fuel. It’s a great finance manager whether for your truck, bus, motorcycle, or car. Drivers can access fuel efficiency reports, and discover which is the best option for your car. Here you can access info about average fuel consumption, monthly costs, oil changes, or financing installments. Using the app you can also set reminders, whether for tire rotations, tune-ups, or taxes.

2. FOBO Tire 

This is an app for monitoring your tire pressure, here you can track the tire pressure, to keep your vehicle both healthy and safe. Some key features of the application include flat tire notifications, alerts for tire sensor replacements, and monitoring 24/7. When you’re driving around with the incorrect tire pressure, this can compromise the performance of your vehicle, or even lead to an accident. When you use the FOBO Tire app, your tire troubles are no longer a concern!

3 . DIY Car Repair App

The DIY Car Repair app is a simple educational tool for those looking to perform maintenance on their vehicles. The app covers issues including spark plugs and filters; brake lights and headlights; and distinguishing between different car fluids. Here you can learn simple tips about everyday maintenance, gauges and dashboard lights, and engine oil checks. Many of us prefer to take our car straight to the garage when we have an issue. If you’re looking to learn how to deal with simple car troubles yourself, this is the perfect application. Knowing how to perform a few basic checks is very useful. Whether you’re looking to prevent a blown head gasket, or maintain your car battery.

4. Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite is a car app that can help you to access maintenance reminders, monitor mileage, and track fuel costs. The app will auto-generate handy stats including your driving distance per day, MPG, gas price, or the volume for each fill-up. Here you’ll get timely reminders based on dates and mileage. Such notifications include oil change, air filter change, coolant flush, or changing your transmission fluid. It’s simple to add customized reminders, write up costs, and car notes, to support your car maintenance needs.

5. Simply Auto

Simply Auto is a vehicle management tool, helping you to monitor your car’s data, (like a vehicle logbook). The app also functions as a mileage tracker, that offers trip logs, with the help of GPS or bluetooth. Simply Auto is suitable for either business owners or regular drivers, and it’s easy to separate your personal and business miles. With Simply Auto you can create a handy mileage log, which can be used for tax deduction purposes. With a record of services, fill-ups, and milage, you can improve your fuel economy and save cash. Using the app you can also access graphs and stats, to check the overall health of your vehicle.