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4 Uncommon Types of Injuries In a Car Crash

Being involved in a car crash is a leading cause of injury, according to studies. In 2012, in the United States, over 5.6 million car accidents were registered. Over 30,000 of these were fatal and another 1.6 million involved other wounds.

Whether you faced a small or big accident due to a car crash, it passes considerable force through your body. You’re likely to have injuries shielded from you by your body that don’t make you feel pain for hours, days, or even weeks. If left untreated, these concealed, uncommon injuries can be serious and long-lasting. In this article, 4 uncommon types of injuries in a car crash will be discussed.

4 Uncommon Types Of Injuries 

Even if you feel better after recovering in an accident, all of these 4 uncommon hidden injuries that occur during car accidents may be discovered by an assessment within days of the crash. Bear in mind that, after a car accident, certain injuries are not immediately noticeable. 

It can take days, weeks, or even months for signs to develop, depending on the severity of the injury. So, with even the slightest pain or early sign of injury, it is best to seek medical attention if you are in a car accident.

1. Airbag Injuries

Airbags can cause a wide range of injuries because these mechanisms are exposed to too many parts of the body. Injuries may be minor or, in some cases, result in chronic, debilitating health conditions and even death. 

Abrasions to the upper body, face and limbs, contusions to the abdomen, ribs, knees and internal organs, blunt trauma, strain or fracture to the cervical spine, and burns to the hands, arms and chest are some of the most serious airbag injuries

Worse, facial fractures, broken arms and wrists, rib cage or skull fractures, concussion, loss of consciousness, swelling or bruising of the brain, hearing loss, and traumatic brain injury can occur.    

If an airbag has injured you during a car crash, you will have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer. You also have the right when an airbag has made your injury even worse than before. Lawyers from can deal with airbag injuries in South Carolina. At Joye Law Firm, South Carolina airbag accident attorneys will help you pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer or those responsible for the airbag injuries for damages.

2. Brain Trauma Injuries

If something inside your car hits your head, your brain may be damaged. This can sustain an injury called a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can cause brain function to be impaired in the long term. These accidents are subtle, because they are not always instantly apparent. 

The injured person or his family may find months later that he is becoming forgetful, or is having a change in attitude, sometimes becoming less patient or even extremely annoyed or angry, if that was not previously their usual state. It is important to go get checked out by medical professionals, and if there is further intervention needed, a specialist neurologist such as Dr Timothy Steel will be necessary to assess the trauma. 

The symptoms of TBI should be closely observed and a neurological consultation should be obtained for someone who has sustained a concussion, been knocked unconscious, or has had headaches following a collision.

3. Hidden Back Injuries

Any spinal cord trauma can cause serious damage to the nerves. Patients may experience decreased sensation and control over their arms, hands, legs, feet, and other parts of the body, while patients may be permanently paralyzed due to more extreme types of spinal injury.

Often, fractures to the spine aren’t noticeable right away. It is safe to say that you have a probable injury to your spinal cord, so contact a doctor to confirm or rule it out early.

Swelling and bleeding in or around your spinal cord can trigger numbness or paralysis that eventually affects you. Back pain resulting from strained muscles can slowly emerge. These, untreated, could turn into long-term back issues.

4. Hidden Psychological Injuries

It is not just their bodies that can be affected when someone undergoes a traumatic incident. It is also possible to seriously impact their psychological and emotional condition. People who have been in serious car accidents may develop a phobia, which means that an unusual fear of driving or even being in a car has been established by the individual. 

It is very important that psychological treatment be promptly given as phobias arise. To help people resolve phobias, psychologists have strong strategies. When someone is fearful of driving or being in a car after a collision with a vehicle, make sure they immediately seek psychiatric treatment.

Many of these injuries are very grave, as you can see, but are not always noticeable immediately after a car crash, so be alert for these cases. And almost all of them are likely, if not remembered or treated, to get even worse over time. Always have any conditions checked out and examined carefully by a doctor.