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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Office in 2022

The nature of the office changed forever in 2021. No longer is the office an absolute necessity for all businesses. Instead, many companies now offer a super flexible office space, which combines the option of remote working and having an office for employees to use at their own convenience or in a rotation schedule.

So with the traditional office being used differently, many businesses are looking to find a more suitable space. Whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or simply a change-up you’re looking for, there’s many different factors you need to consider in your search for a new space – from location to interior design to the satisfaction of your employees.   

Remember, there’s pretty much no such thing as the ‘perfect office’, but in 2022, when spaces are abundantly available, you can get pretty close to something that’s superb.  

Here’s our 4 best tips for succeeding in your search for the best office space.

Prioritize Office Location for Your Employees

First things first, remember that the location of your space truly matters. Whether you’ve got 10 employees or 1000, relocating to an entirely different town or city is probably a bad idea. The new office should be close enough so it doesn’t lengthen the commute. 

Studies show that your staff are happier and more productive the closer they are to their work, so find a location that is centrally located and offers close-by public transport links.

Make Sure Your Office is Ultra-Comfy

Workplace satisfaction comes with comfort, convenience, and plenty of space. So look for an office that provides more than enough personal workspace for all of your various teams, whether that’s a top-notch reception desk for your receptionists or private offices for your senior managers. Your entire team might not be in every day, but it’s still important there’s a space for everyone if they need/want it. 

The rooms should feel roomy, modern, and inviting too. The most pleasant and visually-appealing offices are those with high ceilings, great views, and an abundance of natural light.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Different Rooms

It’s all well and good having plenty of space, but you need to know how to use the space effectively. An office with a variety of well-designed workspaces allows your team to work freely at their own pace and in their own way. Some of these vital spaces might include meeting rooms, breakout rooms, or private spaces.

Design your space according to your own business workflow too. Having more collaborative co-working spaces is great if your team works remotely part time. Whereas a more conventional office with permanent desks is best for companies still in the office full-time.

Ask Your Employees What They Want

Last but certainly not least, get your employees involved in the search process. Especially your most trusted senior members. Ask your employees what their biggest priorities are and make sure their needs are met. Your hardworking staff will always be your biggest asset, so keep them happy with the big move.