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What Makes a Sports Fan an Expert?

There’s more than one type of sports fan. Some people just check in once the major tournaments roll around, while others keep up to date with their local team and have what could be considered a slightly above-average interest in sports. And then there’s the matter of the experts. They’re the people who can hold their own in any sporting conversation, know the ins and outs of their team and their opponents, and all around live and breathe sports. So what makes an expert? If you do the three following things, then you’re probably an expert!

Historical Knowledge

It’s easy to keep up to date with everything that’s happening right now. But of course, there’s more to sports than the current hottest players and teams. History counts for a lot in the sports world. Experts have an in-depth understanding of the history of the sport, including famous players of days gone by, the number of titles won by each team, and the broader social significance of sport in their communities. You might think that these things don’t matter, but they very much do, especially when you’re having “the best player of all time” conversations.

Forming Their Own Opinion

Listen to the majority of casual sports fans, and you’ll find that they invariably just parrot the thoughts and opinions that they hear on the major sports channels. Expert fans form their own opinions and have confidence that they’re right. The mainstream may be predicting a routine victory for one team, but if an expert fan believes that the other team has a chance of a surprise victory, then they’ll be happy to use a betting offer like those available at OddsChecker to back their selection for glory. Sports can be complex, and there’s always more to the narrative and outcome than meets the eye — the expert knows what to look for, and can use that understanding to make their own prediction rather than following what others say. 

They Learn From the Best 

Of course, you don’t become a sports expert by chance. It takes time and effort. Playing the sport will help. And so will learning from the very best. There’s a wealth of quality information out there that can help people on their journey towards becoming an all-knowing expert in their chosen sport. From podcasts to books, to listening to what the best coaches in the world have to say, sports fan experts take the time to absorb quality information.