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Top 3 Wiper Blade Brands for 2015 Honda Civic

Maybe you don’t give much thought to your wiper blades. You replace them when they wear out and go on about your business: lather, rinse and repeat. But maybe it’s time to think about them, especially if they wear out too quickly or you’re near the start of the winter season. You can get better performance and lifespan out of your blades, but it starts with the type that you buy. This brief guide presents three brands of 2015 Honda Civic wiper blades trusted most by drivers – plus signs that it’s time to swap out your old ones.

Signs It’s Time To Change Your Wiper Blades

No matter what type of wiper blades you have, most windshield wipers work on a similar premise: pushing a flexible rubber edge over your windshield to clear debris away. It acts like a squeegee that pushes dirt, water, ice, snow and anything else that collects on the glass. Over time, repetitive motion and friction wear them down. Keep an eye out for some common signs that they need replacement:

  • Squeaking or chattering on the windshield
  • Worn, stiff, torn or cracked rubber edges
  • Rust or carrion on exposed metal
  • Streaks, ice, snow or dirt left on windshield

Most experts recommend replacing your blades every six to 12 months. Their lifespan depends on the kind that you buy, how you take care of them and the weather conditions in which you drive.

How To Find a Quality Wiper Blade

Not every wiper blade is the same. That statement may seem obvious, but let’s look at different types of blades for a moment. You’ll commonly find three styles on the market: conventional, beam and hybrid. Each has a unique construction plus some key benefits to consider.

Conventional blades are the old-school type you may have purchased before – a metal frame with pivots holding a rubber squeegee-like edge. They’re the least expensive of the three types and they offer good performance and life for the money. The only drawback is that they tend to wear out more quickly, especially in heavy rain or snow.

Beam blades are crafted from solid pieces of rubber, curved to match the exact arc of the windshield. With such precise coverage, beam blades offer more efficient performance. And with no metal in their construction, they can last up to twice as long as conventional blades. They are pricier than their counterparts, but you may find them well worth the money if you live in areas with a lot of rain or snow.

Hybrid blades combine conventional and beam features to produce an efficient blade at a midrange price point. They do have metal frames with pivot points, but they hold a durable aerodynamic rubber shell that’s curved like beam blades.

Three Brands of Wiper Blades To Consider

When you’re shopping for 2015 Honda Civic wiper blades, you’ll probably notice three brands rated highly by other drivers: RainX, Bosch and Duralast. All three brands carry conventional, beam and hybrid blades, offering a wide range of options and price points. And when you shop, choose your blades from a reputable aftermarket parts retailer.