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Tips On Long Distance Cycling

For cyclists, there’s no better feeling than a long ride which brings a sense of accomplishment for both the seasoned and beginners alike. If you are new to the sport, there is no need to feel intimidated. If you wish to have successful long-distance cycling, then you must plan and strategize now.

Of course, endurance is needed for long bike rides. It is best to work now on building your intensity and long-distance rides. It is also recommended to add time in the saddle. If you are training for a long-distance ride, remember that not each ride has to be a quad-killer. Recovery rides are important for building your fitness base.

So if you wish to survive your first long ride, check out the tips provided below:

Pedal Smart

If you want to last on a long ride, make sure that you have a great start. This includes pedaling in an efficient gear. Choose one that is not too hard and will not suffer your legs. You can check your favorite Bicycle equipment & gear to find the best product. Choose a slightly easier gear with a higher cadence. Select this over one that has a lower cadence because the pedals can be very hard to turn over.

If you maintain a cadence of at least 90 RPM, you can give your muscular and aerobic systems a break. This is similar to lifting a 20-pound bench press 10 times versus one rep of 200. You will be lifting the same amount but by using less overall effort.

Create a Plan in Case of Emergencies

During long rides, there are greater odds that something will go wrong. As such, it is best to be prepared. Carry gears to fix two flats, cell phone, ID, a mini tool, and some cash. You can check your favorite Bicycle equipment & gear to find the best product.

Drink and Eat a Lot

Hydration and nutrition are crucial when you are out on a long bike ride. It is best to drink at least one bottle of water per hour, depending on the exertion level and the heat of the sun. Do not worry so much about the powder you mix with the water.

Eat food every 15 minutes during your ride. If you are cycling beyond two hours, plan a stop so you can refill the bottles and have a snack.

Use the Rule of Thirds

If a long ride is overwhelming, you can divide it into three equal distances and have a plan for every segment. The first segment must be easy and you are just spinning along. In the second segment, you must start feeling that your muscles are now working. For your remaining energy, show it in the third segment. It is not best to show off your maximum effort on your first segment and not finish the goal.

Watch the Wind

The wind can be your enemy or your friend. If you begin with a tailwind, roll easily, and you can have a headwind on your way home. When you cycle with a group, make sure to stick together during headwind stretches. You can take turns