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The Ultimate Guide For Scrapping Your Old Vehicle

Every year, around the world, at least one million vehicles are scrapped and recycled for the greater good of mankind. So, if you’re planning to scrap your own car, then you’ve arrived at the correct juncture, as we’ll be sharing all the information you need to know about vehicle scrapping. 

So, without further wasting any more minutes, let’s get down into the topic at hand. 

Knowing About The Regulations

Unless you’re not aware, the process of car scrapping is indeed very simple. According to professional services to sell an old car for cash, there will be some amount of paperwork involved in the same. So, before you plan to sell your vehicle for scraps, you need to perform some legal regulations, such as signing contracts and transfer of ownership. 

You may also consider selling directly to scrap yards or specialized companies to get cash for your car, as they often offer competitive prices for your vehicle. This is a convenient way to dispose of your old car while also getting some monetary value from it, and it’s a viable option to consider if you’re also looking to declutter your property and contribute to sustainability.

Moreover, you need to ensure that your car is scrapped by an authorized agent who is conforming to all environmental laws & regulations. 

The Documents You Need To Scrap Your Vehicle

The following documents will be required for scrapping your vehicle:

  • Owner manual
  • Logbook or vehicle registration certificate
  • Service history

It should be perceived that all of these required documents are not absolute and will differ from one car salvage service to another. Therefore, you must proceed to first get in contact with your nearest vehicle scrapping service and know the documents that might be needed for the same. All of the documents are easy to procure and are extremely vital.

What Is The Certificate Of Destruction?

When an authorised car scrapping service provider proceeds to scrap your car, you’ll be provided with a CoD or Certificate of Destruction. The certificate will be issued within a couple of days and it’s a legal requirement for the salvage company to do so. 

The certificate will be direct proof that you’ve handed over your car to the scrapping service provider and will no longer be responsible for the same, including any tax-related issues. If you fail to obtain the certificate from the salvage company, then a penalty might be imposed by the relevant authorities. The good news is that – most car salvage service providers out there will handle the paperwork for you. 

Additional Tips & Tricks To Follow When Scrapping Your Vehicle

  • It’s mandatory that you’ll be required to provide proof of identification along with proof of address, as you’re the owner of your car.
  • Proceed to get in touch with multiple salvage service providers to obtain the best available quote for your vehicle’s scrap value.
  • Try to obtain a refund from your vehicle insurance service provider for the remaining coverage. 

We hope you enjoyed our small yet insightful information on vehicle scrapping and for any additional help, do let us know.