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Odds ratio analysis methods that you should apply

Football betting is an entertaining game where, if you want to win, you don’t simply rely on luck. On the contrary, to be profitable and make money, people need to use a lot of gray matter. One of the steps that gives us the most headaches is analyzing the odds ratio that football betting sites offer. By following the basic steps well, you can significantly improve your chances of winning each bet you participate in. So what is the correct analysis? How do you make the optimal choice? Let’s refer to Bet22 with some methods.

Corners is a form of online betting. Players do not need to care about the score of the match; they only need to care about the number of corners appearing in that match.

Odds-to-ratio statistics

Odds analysis is a very time-consuming task, and most football bettors do not do it. But once you have accepted to conduct odds statistics, you have analyzed them relatively accurately. This method will give you the highest level of security when participating in betting.

But as mentioned, to apply this method, you need to spend a lot of time researching carefully to be able to make a complete statistical table. Looking at the statistics table that you have analyzed, you can see the similarities or relationships between the matches. From there, the information you have gathered will help you make better predictions about the outcome as well as the match accurately, increasing your chances of winning.


If you find it too difficult and time-consuming to use the statistical method of odds, you can try to find a way to analyze it using the average method. This method has the advantage of being simple and easy to implement, but its optimization and accuracy are somewhat reduced.

Specifically, instead of just basing your decisions on the odds of one bookmaker, average the odds of many different bookmakers. When you get the average result, you should conduct analysis and selection to choose the most suitable betting odds to improve your chances of winning.

Capture the change of Odds-to-ratio

The last method mentioned is to capture the change in the odds ratio. because the house often changes the odds today, especially when the match starts. Although the odds ratio table is announced one month in advance, it will fluctuate from time to time. This odds ratio is set by the house based on qualitative and quantitative information; they can also refer to competitors in the market, so the rate will fluctuate and have adjustments.

Odds ratio analysis methods that you should apply

Therefore, when there is a change, you need to consider the situation, conduct research on that change, compare, and perform calculations and statistics. Usually, the bookmaker will change the odds during the week before the match takes place. If you recognize the change in the house’s odds, you will definitely be more accurate in predicting the odds. 

The secret to effective corner bets

First, the betting guide will guide you on how to find the most accurate corner bet. To be able to do that, you must know the following things carefully: The first is that depending on different teams and tournaments, the number of corners that will be offered by the bookie is over or under 10 to 12 times. Usually in the first 8 minutes of the match, the house will give the odds of the first corner. You should also note that the house will usually only offer one bet, so don’t choose that because it is a match without any corners and the odds will be high; bet 1 to 100 or higher.

Secondly, in a tournament, the teams are usually divided into 3 groups: the big group (usually the top 4 teams), the middle group, and the relegation group. Experts’ statistics have shown that 48% of matches in Group 1 have the first corner hit before the end of the 8th minute, while in Group 2 this rate will be 53%. Knowing this, you will be able to predict corners extremely accurately.

Knowing these two important things, you will initially understand how to make money from this type of rental. But to maximize your chances of winning, continue reading below.

Experience is needed to maximize the winning rate of penalty bets

It can be said that the essence of the article on how to bet on corner bets that we shared is in this section. To maximize your chances of winning, try to apply the following experiences:

  • If a football match has two teams playing with the tendency to attack, the team owns an attack with excellent players, usually the number of corner kicks will be more than normal matches.
  • If the match has a stronger team, there will be more corners.
  •  If the match from the start to the 6th minute has a corner, then the match is likely to have many corners. If there are no corners from the 10th minute onward, there will be few corners in that match.
  • Usually, more corners will appear in the final minutes of the match if both teams need a goal.
  • Collect as much information related to the ball game as possible. Know how to synthesize, analyze, and compile statistics on the number of corners taken by the two teams in previous matches as well as confrontations.
  • Should bet on corners when the match takes place, should not bet before the match.
  • You should bet on matches with strong teams because the number of corners will be much higher, while weaker teams will have few or no corners.

In the end, we hope you can master and understand this betting tips article, and then you can definitely win.