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Let’s Get Ripped – Optimizing Your Health Routine

Sometimes working out diligently on the regular can get pretty boring, especially if you’ve hit a lull or a plateau and aren’t seeing results. Don’t throw in the towel, though: there are tons of ways to optimize your health routine that can bring the excitement back to your routine, whether you’re pumping iron, training for a 5K or showing up for spin class! 

    One great way to switch up your workout is to exercise with a partner! If you’re used to running or cycling solo, bringing a friend in to join you can provide you with a much needed social boost. Working out with a partner encourages you to work harder (we’re all a little competitive, deep down inside, after all!), in addition to helping pass the time faster and providing you with a spotter to keep an eye on those harder sessions. Plus, it’s always nice to have a cheerleader there to tell you how ripped and toned you look (make sure you do the same for them)!

    Why not switch up those workouts? You can plateau if you’re doing the same exercises for the same amount of time at the same time per day, all day every day. Adding in a few new steps our routines to your usual workout is a great way to switch things up for your body, build new muscle, kick star that metabolism, and best of all, keep yourself interested and motivated. 

    Still not hitting peak performance? Have you tried a supplement? Lots of folks out there use supplements like muscle rage and other bodybuilding and sports nutritional products to boost their performance and overall health. There are tons of great products to choose from, easily customized for your particular needs. Whether it’s a weight-loss supplement to help with your aerobic routine, a whey protein shake that tastes great and fills you up post-workout, or a simple supplement with added vitamins and minerals for peak health, it’s easy to find the perfect supplement(s) for you. Make sure that along with those supplements, you’re eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of good old-fashioned H20. 

    It sounds counter-productive, but another really important step in optimizing your workouts is to take a break. So many of us make the mistake of working out every single day for long stretches, and we’re not giving our muscles – or our mind – time to rest. The rest is important; every bit as important as the exercise. Take at least one day off a week, or better yet, two – to make sure that your body has time to rest between grueling exercise routines. Take these days for self-care, such as preparing healthy, delicious recipes, reading a good book or doing some light cleaning around the house. If you absolutely must get a workout in, go for a brisk, but relaxing walk with your dog, or do some low-impact yoga in front of the TV. But at all costs, resist the temptation and don’t go to the gym! 

    If you try these easy methods, you’ll find that you’re back to peak performance in absolutely no time. Happy exercising!