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Is Your Driving Bad?

It doesn’t matter who you ask, everyone believes that they are a good driver. The way we learn is the same if we learn in the same country, but the habits that we take on over time are what sets us apart. Most people would never break the law ordinarily, but when it comes to driving, we seem to be more willing to bend the rules, if not break them completely.

Coasting a car down the road is illegal, and yet most of us do it on a hill. Parking the wrong way can land us a ticket, and yet we still do it. However, there are bigger issues that we do try to avoid, but even the best of us make mistakes. Being out with friends and pacing your alcohol consumption is one thing, but all of a sudden you find the car against a tree and you’re slapped with a driving ban, with a DUI attorney on speed dial. Do you think you’re a good driver, now? It’s important that you understand the laws in place for driving, and we have some of them for you below.

Person Holding Black Vehicle Steering Wheel

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Speeding. It’s the most common offence when it comes to driving. Whether it’s a couple of miles or more, you need to avoid speeding where possible, as you will land a fine and penalty points on your license. You should try to stick to the limit at all times, as if you don’t you could find yourself in very hot water. You may need to go to a speed awareness course if you do not stick to the speed limit.
  2. Cell Phone Use. You know the law here. Cell phones can kill people if you text and drive – including yourself. Answering the phone or texting while driving is an offence, and you will be given a driving ban and points on your license. These penalties are nothing compared to killing a passenger, or being paralysed for life because you didn’t listen to the rules.
  3. Carelessness. If you are not showing the right lane discipline on the motorway or you are swerving while changing to a song you like on the stereo, you are carelessly driving. You need to know that fines and sentences can be handed out on the spot when you are caught driving this way. Careless driving can cost lives – would you want to be responsible for that?
  4. Dangerous Driving. Speeding to 100mph while being on the phone and intoxicated, or weaving in and out of cars to “win” a race? These are examples of dangerous driving. You need to realize that this behavior is not okay. You could hurt others and you could face a lifetime in prison. Your behavior on the road – in your opinion – may be just fine, but if you are doing any of these things, you are not a good driver and you need help. 

Go back and take more lessons, retake your test, learn the law. Only then can you get it right.