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How to Choose the Right Table Saw Blade for Your Project

There are so many different kinds of saws available for both professional and amateur carpenters and tradesmen. It is so important to choose the right type of table saw as this will make your cutting quicker and more accurate and will enable you to do a far better all-around job. The table saw is one of the most important tools in any workshop so it is vital that you invest in a quality model as it will last you for decades if you look after it properly.

For everyone out there who is looking to buy a new table saw, here is how to choose the right one for your project. 

Mini Table Saw

Mini table saws are the newest model of table saws available and they are fantastic pieces of equipment. Small in size and light in weight, mini table saws are portable but are still very effective in cutting accurate straight lines in a range of materials. The people at rykerhardware.com explain that due to their small size, mini table saws are only really suitable for detailed jobs, but they are also very cheap, which makes them appealing to novices. A mini table saw will allow you to become comfortable cutting and allow you to ease your way up to more powerful machines. The best uses for a mini table saw are different arts and crafts projects, small DIY jobs, and hobbies. 

Benchtop Table Saw

Benchtop table saws are the next level up from mini table saws in terms of power, size, and versatility, and provide an affordable option for anyone who needs to do some small sawing. While benchtop table saws do not have the power to cut through large boards, a quality model will enable you to do the majority of commonly occurring home repairs so for many people, a benchtop table saw will be all they ever need. You can also change the blades as necessary to cut through different materials like wood, metal, and plastic. The best uses for a benchtop table saw are home carpentry, minor plumbing repairs like cutting pipes, and more serious arts and crafts projects.

Compact Table Saw

Next up from benchtop table saws, compact table saws are bigger and more powerful but are still portable due to their light weight. Their greatly increased power and durability mean that compact table saws are the first option in this list, which can be used for more serious carpentry and home improvement projects. Compact table saws are more expensive than benchtops, but you can really see where that extra money has gone in terms of performance. Compacts are ideal for people who really love getting stuck into a home improvement project or just need that extra bit of power which their benchtop table saw doesn’t have. The best uses for a compact table saw are building furniture and home carpentry projects

Choosing the right table saw will make any project you are working on a whole lot easier. In general, table saws for home projects are much smaller than those needed for professional tradesmen or busy working sites. Before choosing a table saw, speak to a professional online or in your local hardware store to get advice about which type is best for you.