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Five Alternatives To Smoking In 2023

If you’re looking to stop smoking or cut down your usage this year, it’s a change that’s worth making. After all, smoking has considerable health impacts that in this day and age, are not worth the pleasure that it may give you.

For those who’ve smoked for years to those who may have only picked up the habit in the past year or so, here are five alternatives to smoking that will help wean you off the addiction gradually.


Nicotine pouches

It’s never advisable to go cold turkey, especially when you’ve been smoking for a long time. Your body needs time to adjust, especially when it comes to weening itself off nicotine itself.

In order to cut down the habit of smoking itself, you may want to look at nicotine pouches. Products like ON! Nicotine pouches are effective as they still deliver that nicotine hit without needing to damage your body with the tobacco tar that you get from traditional cigarettes.

Consider switching to these pouches and see the effect it has on your ability to cut down smoking completely.


If you’re someone who finds smoking to be something they struggle to give up, then the next best option is to find something that will provide that feeling of smoking. Vaping is probably the closest you’ll get to that because it offers both the feel of a cigarette in between your fingers and the sensation of smoking.

Many smokers switch to vaping to help with their addiction and to cut out traditional cigarettes altogether. 

However, it’s recommended to consult a dentist if your dental situation can handle vaping. A quick search for a term like “dentist near me lafayette la” on the internet should give you a list of professionals that you can reach out to.


Another good option for quitting smoking is through the use of patches. They might not work for everyone but they may certainly be useful for those who are looking to curb their smoking in a way that isn’t too invasive or similar to smoking itself.

With patches they deliver the nicotine hit that the user needs in order to curb any cravings. It’s one that’s worth giving a go if you’ve not yet tried it out yourself.

Try medication

There are plenty of medications that are out there that might be able to help when trying to curb your smoking habits. Of course, when it comes to any form of medication, it’s highly important that you’re doing everything prior to ensure this medication is suitable for you.

That means speaking openly with a doctor or health professional on whether medication is the best route for you. Your health professional may suggest it’s the best option or they may encourage you to try the above options before trying medication.

Find alternative vices

There are plenty of alternative vices that a person can have that might not be the healthiest but are a lot healthier than smoking. Smoking and taking drugs of any kind excessively are probably the worst vices so you want to stay away from them as best you can. Try creating an addiction that can be healthy like exercising for example.

Hopefully, one of these alternatives will provide you with the opportunity to successfully quit smoking this year.