4 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Work Style

Casual clothing is worn every single day by those who love to be comfortable. It can be stylish but most casual options are for lounging and recreation rather than for the office. Casual Friday in the office is more the one chance a week you can wear jeans for work; you wouldn’t go to a client meeting in them, though! You’d also hang up the purple suit with the green pinstripes; great for fancy dress parties, but not so much for the boardroom.

Many companies out there are relaxing their work style rules, priding themselves on the unconventional and choosing to dial down the suits and blazers in favour of a relaxed look that makes their employees more comfortable. However, some industries still rely on the sharpness of the suit from places like Mohans Custom Tailors. While not everyone enjoys wearing suits and jackets in the office, some industries call for a smarter, sharper look that makes a difference. On those casual Fridays, though, you need some help to upgrade your workwear and sharpen your style, and we’ve got four tips for you:

Man Sitting on Area Rug

Add Some Layers

Adding layers to an outfit not only gives you depth, but it gives you the chance to draw attention to yourself. A plain t-shirt is already complete in an outfit, but layering with a jacket on top adds a sharpness to the outfit and also gives you visual complexity. People look longer, and you give a better impression.

Focus On Accents

The way you know that your outfit looked sharp is that people will notice it and remember it. Good outfit accents will help people to remember you, but what is an accent? Anything that isn’t the big pieces is called an accent; a t-shirt, jacket or trousers are the big pieces of the outfit. The wallet, the shoes, and the sunglasses are all the accents. Swap out the usual black loafers for a bright pair of canvas shoes; something so simple can change a look dramatically.

Tailor It.

If you choose to, you could tailor your outfit in a place like Mohans Custom Tailors, where you can have your shirts and trousers tailored to fit you properly. Not only will you look sharp doing this, but you will also avoid looking lazy with your outfits. Tailoring is always a good idea for business outfits, but even casual options can benefit from tailoring and if you can get it, you should.

Embrace Variety

You do not have to wear the same three outfits every day; you could easily choose to mix up the tailoring and the outfits that you wear. Branch out with your shopping and mix up your colours and textures. You could also actually BUY the experiments that you do with your clothing.

No matter what you do, this is your look, and you’re entitled to be as dressy as you like. Take a moment and assess whether your wardrobe needs that breath of fresh air and go forth and shop!.