FactoryTwoFour Unveils New Website to Provide Trendsetting Content to Today’s Gentleman

New Logo, Website, and Writing Staff Underscore FactoryTwoFour’s Commitment to Living and Documenting the Original Lifestyle.

Los AngelesMarch 12, 2015 — Today FactoryTwoFour, the premier online destination for modern gentlemen, unveiled a new website to further its mission of documenting The Original Lifestyle. Core elements of the new FactoryTwoFour include a reimagined company logo, a streamlined layout, as well as a fresh and current look and feel of the web and mobile experiences for both contemporary men and people who love them.  

These changes come on the heels of other moves that enhance FactoryTwoFour’s standing with their global audience, including a revamped writing staff, an online store selling the only F24-endorsed merchandise, and a renewed focus on storytelling and original content.

“Now for 2015 we are unveiling our brand new site and continued focus on the very best story-based content for today’s gentleman. You can look forward to unique cocktail menus, epic drives, state-of-the-art fashion, and general trouble-making. This year is going to continue to bring changes for us as we roll out a fantastic writing staff and big article series ideas. Make sure to stay tuned.” said Adam Kaslikowski, CEO of FactoryTwoFour. “It has been a year of great trips and cocktails, swag suits and cozy reads. We’ve tried some fantastic experiments here. Many have succeeded, quite a few have failed. And you’ve stuck with us through thick and thin. Thank you.”

About FactoryTwoFour

FactoryTwoFour is where modern gentlemen are made. We don’t believe you need a $1,200 blazer or vintage Italian espresso machine in your ultra-modern loft to be a good person. What we do believe is that the modern man is a different kind of man than he was in the past. Objects and acquisitions don’t define him, taste and effort do. Here at FactoryTwoFour, we bring you those things and experiences that take taste and effort. We don’t believe in a quick way out, and hopefully neither do you.

Join us at the Factory, and engage in the original lifestyle.