8 Things Every Boat Owner Must Know

If you love the ocean, owning a boat sounds like the perfect idea, so that you can stay in contact with the water and nature. You can own a bot for different reasons, whether you want to go fishing or simply go for rides with your family and loved ones.

Depending on your experience, going on a boat ride may not necessarily be as easy as you would hope. There are things you must always consider, no matter how knowledgeable you are in this area. In this article, we will give you eight things every boat owner must know. 

Know the Coast Guard Rules

Owning a boat is more than just having one. You must know how to work it and, just as there are traffic laws on the roads for cars, there are also laws you must follow when in the water. This appears to be something many boaters seem to neglect. For some reason, they assume that there are no rules and this leads to issues with the local authorities. If you are unsure, ask other experienced boaters, contact your law enforcement, or even take a boater’s safety course. This will ensure that you will learn as much as possible to get you started. 

Have a radio

When you are on the water, it is vital that you have a radio with you to communicate with people on land. Having a mobile phone does not necessarily help you here as you may not have any reception when in the middle of the ocean. It can be very frightening not to be able to communicate with anyone when you are faced with issues.

Invest In a Boat Lift

You may not deem this as necessary, but how else will you make sure that your boat stays out of the water? Some people opt to leave their boats ‘parked’ in the water constantly, although this can incur a lot of damage to the boat, such as corrosion on the bottom and damaged paint job. Boating experts at suggest that investing in a deck lift is a smart move in order to protect your boat, and this can be uniquely designed to suit your needs. This is the best thing you can do for your boat to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Never Boat While Under The Influence

Again, the laws that apply to vehicles on the road also apply to boats on the water. You may think that because there are fewer people and boats in the water that it will be okay for you to have a couple of drinks on board and still be able to drive your boat. However, not only is this not advisable, it is illegal in many areas. If you want to have a drink, make sure that you appoint a designated driver so that you do not put yourself and others at risk.

Do Not overload The Boat

It does not matter how big your boat is; there will always be a limit to how many people it can carry. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s advised capacity as it can damage the boat and all those aboard in danger.

Know The Geography 

Although being on the water is an incredible experience, it can also quickly turn into a frightening situation if you are not sure where you are. If you lose sight of the land, you may realize that everything looks the same as all you can see is water and sky. Make sure that you know the area well before you go on your boat ride and bring maps to your trip too.

Have a Plan 

People often forget to have an actual plan for when they go on a boat ride, as all they seem to care about is the excitement ahead. However, it is crucial that you organize yourself so that everyone knows what is going on. Decide who is going to drive and allocate different tasks to different people so that your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Think About Safety 

We have already discussed the importance of understanding the local marine laws so that you can remain safe on the water. And the responsibility as a boater goes beyond this. It can be very easy to get lost in the water and feel disoriented, as you may not have visibility of land or even anyone that can support you in clear sight. 

As mentioned above, have a radio and maps but also make sure you have a first aid kit, water and food, and personal floatation devices. Also, check with your local Coast Guard to know whether there are any other specific factors you should be aware of and any other safety measures you should put into place.

Being on a boat is an extremely relaxing way to spend the day with your family and friends. Although there are a few things you should know if you own a boat – make sure to read the information above so that you can enjoy your boat the fullest.