Apples Ain't Oranges: Why Net Neutrality is So Important

Welcome to FactoryTwoFour’s Net Neutrality Week They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’d wager that it’s the best path to reach his mind as well, so that’s how we’re going to take a look at this net neutrality business. I have had an approximate knowledge on this issue, […]

Why You Should Care About A Dull-Sounding Topic

Welcome to FactoryTwoFour’s Net Neutrality Week If you’re like me, you kind of understand what net neutrality is about, but you kind of also don’t really care too much about the subject because, let’s face it, net neutrality is a ponderous phrase – it frankly just doesn’t sound like something worth caring about. With the […]

What is Net Neutrality Anyway?

Welcome to FactoryTwoFour’s Net Neutrality Week The Internet is the world’s largest platform for open communication, and it relies on the right to free speech. As the primary outlet for anonymous expression, much of our culture and economy thrives on unrestricted Internet access. The open Internet provides people with free learning opportunities and communication across […]

Net Neutrality Week on FactoryTwoFour

Welcome to FactoryTwoFour’s Net Neutrality Week We are dedicating this week to discussing what, exactly, net neutrality is and how it might change in the near future. It is deeply important, to everyone around the globe, how the internet is set up and distributes information. Before you know what side you’re on, you’ll need to […]

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