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Four Accessories Every Guy Needs

Accessories are the understated element of any man or woman, and usually, they are dismissed or forgotten about. However, what completes an outfit is usually thanks to the accessories that we pair up with an outfit. So here are four accessories that every guy needs and should have in his possession.

A Chunky Watch

A chunky watch has two functions, it tells time, and it has become a fashion piece that’s a decoration for your wrist. There’s a wide array of beautiful timepieces to the traditional windup watches and those that are automatic. Whatever you prefer, it’s worth looking at all of the styles and making out there to find the one that suits you most. A nautical watch can be a great timepiece to add to your collection. A lot of watch lovers will build up a collection so that they can eventually have enough to wear for every day of the week. Watches are like items of clothing, it’s good to have a mixture of styles, shapes and colours. 

Tie & Bow Tie

Whether it’s a formal or smart-casual affair, a tie or bow tie is usually needed. For those occasions where you want to pull out all the stops, it’s important to have at least one or two options available to you, especially when it comes to the colors of your shirts. Not everyone can successfully tie a bow tie or a tie for that matter. However, there are plenty of clip-on options available for those who don’t want to deal with the fuss. A tie or bow tie can show off your personality, depending on the style, print or colour your opt for and it can be a signature part of your look that can finish it off.

A Pair Of Sunnies

Hopefully, once the summer arrives, we’ll be able to enjoy the sun outdoors with family and friends. However, in order to protect ourselves from those harmful UV rays, a pair of sunglasses is important to keep safe and look the part. Depending on your level of carefulness, you might want to invest in some designer sunglasses. Alternatively, if you merely want them to serve the purpose of keeping your eyes safe from the sun, then a cheap pair will do the trick.

A Man Bag

And finally – a man bag. Men’s fashion has changed a lot over the years, and nowadays, a man’s bag doesn’t need to just be in the form of a briefcase. There’s now more stylish satchel bags and backpacks that look professional and can be the perfect accompaniment for work or leisure. Always be wary of what you’re putting into your bag because you don’t want to overpack it and cause the strap or handles to break prematurely. Invest in a good bag that’s made out of quality materials, and you only need one or two to see you through for a few years at a time, depending on how well you look after it of course.

Use these tips to help transform your looks into a more elevated style.