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Best Ways to Take Care of Your Motorbike

Regular motorcycle maintenance is vital; this is to ensure that your motorcycle is always at its best state. Besides, a bike in excellent condition is suitable for your safety. Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s manual while doing maintenance. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your bike.

Check Tires 

It is essential to check your motorbike tires regularly, look at the air pressure as well as general condition. It is crucial to ensure that tire air pressure is at the level recommended by the manufacturer. Do not forget to check for any cuts and scrapes that can be the cause of tire damage, such as tire blowout. You should also check the tire trends weekly and check wheel alignment and balance.

Brake Pads

It is essential to ensure that you keep your bike’s brake pads thick and productive. When you ride on a motorcycle that brake pads are worn out, you might get into an accident. When you notice that the brake pads have worn down to two millimeters, replace them.

Expert mechanics suggest that you should always check brake pads after every 10,000 kilometers. Wearing of brakes on bike depends on your riding habits as well as the environment. In areas that have lots of hills and slopes, your pads will wear out quickly compared to flat areas. So if your rides are in hilly areas, always ensure that you replace brake pads regularly.

Clutch Adjustment

In a bike, a clutch is used to adjust the gears at regular intervals when riding. So it is used often. You must ensure that you adjust the clutch correctly and ensure it has some space. You should avoid tightening your clutch too much- because it can slip without you noticing. In the process, your bike will consume more fuel. So ensure you adjust the clutch correctly.

Oil Change

You should read your manual to understand how frequently you are expected to change the oil. A general recommendation is that you should change your bike oil at least once a year. But if you ride for long distances, you can change it more regularly. The same thing applies if you ride in dusty and dirty areas since the quality of the oil will reduce faster. To be safe, you should check your oil before hitting the road.


This is the heart of your motorcycle-so when you should service it regularly, it will keep the engine up and running well, thus saving you cash. When cleaning, pay more attention to the carburetor, and sustain valve clearance. Always keep the carburetor clean.

You can be servicing your bike after every 1500 kilometers that you cover. While at it, you should also clean the carburetor float chamber, including all other parts. Do not forget about the spark plug. Ensure that your bikes spark plug is clean, and the gap is set correctly. But in case of any damage, replace it.

When getting a spare part, ensure that you buy the one meant for your bike model. For example, get Suzuki drz400 parts for a Suzuki model.

Drive Chain

Drive chain is the part that transfers bikes power from the engine to the rear wheel. If you don’t take proper care of it, it can be hazardous. So make sure that you lube the chain after every ride when it is still warm. It allows the oil to get into all parts of the chain. It would be best if you also looked at the chain tension. When your chain is in the right tension, it will last long.

Take care of the battery

Another part of general maintenance is ensuring that you check your bike battery monthly. It would be best if you cleaned terminals to avoid corrosion. Ensure that the terminals connectors are not loose because if they are, your motorcycle won’t start. You should also check it for any leaks and at least charge it once in a week. It would help if you avoided them being wholly exhausted because they will not last for long. 

When you follow these maintenance procedures, including your manufacturer’s recommendation, it will help you ensure that you improve your bike condition. As a general rule, always buy genuine Suzuki drz400 parts from a reliable supplier if you have a Suzuki motorcycle. Always clean your bike regularly.