Nothing Is Forgotten On The Street, So Be Careful

What happens on the road, doesn’t always stay on the road. Many circumstances will lead to what you do on the street, coming back to haunt you. These days, nothing is ever forgotten and due to the number of technological advancements made in the previous years, this shift is sure to stay. Your driving is being watched all the time. Just when you think you’re safe to press a little harder on the pedal, you will see blue lights in your mirror. There are thousands of cameras on highways, hidden in trees and thanks to lasers in police cars, they don’t need to get out to spot how fast you were going. Here are some reasons why you should always drive like someone is watching you.

The great protector

Nowadays, dashcam videos on places like YouTube are receiving millions of views. It’s not just a simple case of voyeurism, but more so about watching foolish drivers and their actions that get them or others into trouble. You never know who might have a dashcam, so you should never cut them off, brake check them or do something similar to the car beside and in front of you. If you’re ever involved in an accident that you know you caused, you might not be able to feign innocence. A car behind you will have seen and recorded the whole thing. If you’re caught lying when there’s video evidence, you will receive the strongest sentence possible. You should seek to install a dashcam in your car, just in case your car is ever robbed or if you are involved in a road rage incident with another driver.

It’s going on record

Any type of accident can be reported to the police. Accident reports are also logged by insurance companies, road safety organizations as well as charities that involve helping loved ones who have lost a family member who died on the road. You cannot leave the scene of an accident and not have it come back to bite you. Someone will log the accident, whether it’s the emergency services or the other driver. If you’ve been involved in an accident whereby the other driver sped off into the distance and left the scene, you can always use accident report. This is a service that helps you find your report. Just punch in the date of the accident, the manufacturer of the vehicle and the year. You should use the report you find to build your case with your insurance company and or accident attorney. 

Big data cometh

Most cars have a GPS tracker and a computer that logs your journeys. It will log the fastest speed you traveled, how far each journey was, the number of miles per gallon you achieved on average and the time. If you are ever caught speeding, the police might request this information from the manufacturer or from your car. It’s better to always drive as if someone is watching and not take silly risks.

Nothing is forgotten on the roads. You can find your accident report online and use it to build your insurance case in court. Or better yet, buy a dashcam so you have video evidence.