How to Become a Tattoo Artist – Must-have Skills and Qualifications

Getting a tattoo was once a very sensitive subject, something like a taboo and it seemed like you would need to get permission from society to do it. Fortunately, in the past couple of years, things have changed for the better.

Even though some form of prejudice will always be present among certain types of people, this subject has managed to slowly filter into the mainstream. Today, you can see a number of people tattooing their bodies, even without a particular reason. This increase in demand led to an increase in the supply, and a lot of people have suddenly chosen this as their career path. 

If you see yourself as a creative soul that enjoys the company of others, then this might just be the job for you, so here is how to become one.

Do research

Just like with any other job, this one also requires a certain knowledge before you embark on this journey. Yes, you might be familiar with the basics, but that’s not enough, not even in this case. Being a tattoo artist demands responsibility. You are making an image or sentences on someone’s skin which is not an easy task to perform, not even with the years of experience.

More importantly, there are numerous diseases and pathogens that can easily be transmitted through the blood, therefore, you have to be really careful when it comes to the safety of your customer. That’s something you do not want to mess with. You can read more here about these pathogens and how dangerous they can be. That’s why every artist needs to make sure that every part of his equipment is clean and sterilized.

Art school

If you consider yourself to be suitable and creative enough for this job, it still wouldn’t hurt to consider going to a good art school. Now, you don’t have to be a painter or masterful in order to attend one. Don’t worry! Every art school offers various programs that are designed to help you perfect your skills and become what you always wanted. You do not need any bachelor’s degree in order to be a tattoo artist.

As stated previously, a solid art school or even a decent course will give you what you need. It’s up to you to assess how much time and training you need to move into the tattoo realm. More importantly, there are a number of schools that are specially intended for tattoo artists and they just might be the best solution if you need something efficient and fast-paced!


Most people have a role model when it comes to their aspirations. Even if you do not have one, it is recommendable to look up some of the best and most popular artists. Some of these people are real geniuses and their work is appreciated by many who are familiar with this industry. If you have free time on your hands, use it wisely, and analyze their drawing methods and different techniques.

Besides, if you need something raw and personal, then the best thing you can do is visit a tattoo parlor and see if they would allow you to watch them work. This way, you will get an insight into their creativity, ideas, and how they communicate with their clients which is also of great relevance!

This is how apprenticeship looks like. It is very beneficial for every line of work and in this case, it usually lasts between six and twelve months. It takes patience and time, but it is worth your every second.


This is a major step and one of the key ones towards a successful tattooing career, therefore, it mustn’t be neglected. You cannot establish a company or practice tattooing anywhere without getting licensed. 

So how does one get it? You would have to be over eighteen and you would also have to be done with an apprenticeship. Each country has different policies and regulations when it comes to this, that’s why it’s important to find out the rules of the place you live in.

One of the first steps is to go to the government office and ask for some guidance considering this topic. They will give you all the necessary information and you just might need to fill out some forms, give them your recent picture, as well as your identity card. Having a license means that you are skilled enough for this job and definitely something that will look good on your portfolio!

Many delude themselves by thinking that being a tattoo artist is an easy thing to be and do. It surely isn’t the hardest job on earth, but it is far from being all milk and honey. Still, if you pay attention to these steps we listed and dedicate your time to it, it is absolutely possible to make a great career out of it!