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Weird Gifts You Can Only Give Your BFF

Your BFF has stood with us through thick and thin, that’s why you can’t just give them any regular gifts. A gift for your BFF should be something unique and different.

Several hurdles and questions need to be addressed: What do they want? What do they actually like? And what will actually be used? Wow, it’s overwhelming! 

 In the end, you’re going to want to give a meaningful gift with heartfelt meaning. In addition, gift-giving does not have to be such a serious matter that you have to stress over. If it’s really your BFF, an amusing gift is the best of both worlds. 

Here are some weird gifts you can give your best friend forever.

Crystal head glasses

This is an excellent gift for your friends and it promises to impress them. This  skull head glass is weird and unique, your BFF won’t see that one coming. This is a suggestion for people who love unconventional presents and appreciate unique gift options.

Premium Gray Suitjamas

This Suitjamas is sure to appeal to even the most aloof friends. It is a smooth, nice and attractive gift which comes with a tie. Moreover, you are assured of getting a white shirt which compliments it sharply. A nice gift for your male BFF which they won’t expect.

Fantasy Sex Toy

If you’re exchanging gifts with friends why not buy sex toys as gifts for your friends instead? Depending on your relationship with this friend it may feel like it’s pushing the envelope a little,  but if this is really your BFF that’s a good thing! Now really push it to the limit with a fantasy dildo from Dragon Dildo UK.

Tea Drop sampler

Getting a tea drop sampler is ideal for best friends who love beverages. This gift item will let them enjoy a good aromatic diffuser without problems. This tea sampler comes in diverse flavors which include blueberry, citrus ginger, matcha green tea and sweet peppermint. You could also get them in different sizes to match the taste of your BFF. 

Tully Utility Necklace 

This is a great utility gift charm. It is a good substitute for a toolbox as you can put everything on your neck. It comes with a great design and color which naksThis weird gift comes with a bottle opener, hex keys and box cutter. 

Teddy bears 

Yes, Teddy bears are still in vogue and not just for kids. You could get your BFF a big Teddy bear which they can put in their homes. There are nice colors you could choose when it comes to teddy bears. White, pink, blue and brown are great colors to consider when picking them. 


Giving gifts is a good way to show how you feel about someone. You don’t need to spend much on gifts, you should get gifts that your BFF will appreciate. In this article, we have talked about some weird gifts that your best friends will love. We hope you will find them useful.