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How to Style the Athleisure Trend

Whether it is down to the lockdown from coronavirus bringing casual clothing to the fore, or the fact that more and more people want to be comfortable all day long, it has brought athleisure wear up to date, and made it a big trend. Being comfortable but still looking stylish may feel like a dream, but it is definitely a reality in the fashion world right now. From time to time, there will be a need for looking sharp and having a tailored suit, but athleisure styles are going to take over your weekend (or stay at home) wear. Who can resist, right? 

As brands like Superdry and Ted Baker are involved, it is definitely a style that is here to stay. But what are the best styles to shop for to embrace athleisure, without it looking like you’re just in your sweats or pjs? Here are some of the key pieces to look out for.

Bomber Jacket

Having a bomber jacket in your closet is a must, but it is the icing on the athleisure cake when it comes to looking good and feeling good. If you want to look more sporty and ‘jock-like’ then you can choose from some fabrics like neoprene or jersey for that sporty look. For someone wanting to just have it as a stylish throw-on piece, then suede can be a way to dress the look down, compared to traditional leather.

Casual Pants

Although wearing sweats can be very welcome, they may not be the look that you want all of the time. Having some casual pants, in a variety of styles, will help you to rock the look. Jeans can be great, but not for this kind of style. You could choose to wear some casual chino-style pants, as well as choosing sweats that are inspired by sports. Both of these styles will look good with sliders, as well as sneakers, but what you wear on top will vary. For example, sweats would look better with a hoodie and a tee, and casual chinos will look better with a bomber jacket and a tee.

Athleisure Bags

If you want to look good, then you will know that your outfit isn’t going to be complete without some accessories. Yes, even for the athleisure trend. It can be about a sporty bag, whether that be a holdall bag or a duffle bag, or even a backpack. The styles to look for are the ones made from soft fabric, rather than leather; some even having a ‘scuba’ fabric to give it a really modern look and feel. 

Baseball Cap

If you want to make any casual look instantly more sporty, then a baseball cap is a must. It can dress down jeans with a bomber jacket, or just add to the casual vibes that comes from wearing sweats and a tee. Choose a baseball cap that isn’t too stand out, such as black, navy, or grey, so that it can be worn with pretty much anything.