Teen Driver Classic Car Shipping

How to Find Reliable Classic Car Shipping

Just about anything can be shipped in these modern times. Shipping is not just about packages and mail. Classic car shipping is something that certainly needs to be shipped safely and efficiently. We’ve got you covered on how to do exactly that.

The cost of classic car shipping should only be one piece of the equation when choosing the right auto transport company to ship the vehicle. Company size and reputation should also be considered. Take time now to read what to look for when finding the right shipping company to transport a classic car from Point A to Point B, no matter the distance.

Size Matters

When it comes to shipping any car, but especially classic cars, the size of the company matters. There are several reasons where going with a larger company for shipping makes the most logical sense. First of all, these companies have the most connections to carriers. An extensive pool of carriers also means there is a wider variety of schedules to get the car shipped to its destination. 

In addition, a large company has relationships with a range of truck drivers. When it comes to classic car transport, having someone transport the vehicle with knowledge and understanding of the car is a big plus. 

This way, not only is getting the vehicle delivered to where it needs to be, it can be done quickly. Through a large company, there is also a better chance of having people with direct knowledge of classic cars. This will ensure that the car will be moved professionally and safely. No corners will be cut. 

Small companies also aim to please. However, with a small size means potential added costs originally not expected. They may need to make special arrangements previously not done before. Without the needed resources to get your classic car shipping done efficiently, this can also mean delays in when the vehicle should arrive at its destination.

Reputation is Everything

Ask around. Look for reviews. In the 21st century, reviews can be found just about anywhere. In doing so, this can help one find a company that deals with classic cars in particular. Going with just any type of vehicle shipping company does not fit for everyone. 

By looking up customer reviews, a person can look into the details. However, do not only stick with customer reviews. Go with reputable review companies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Transport Reviews. Companies like these will be able to provide a long-standing record of the type of company someone could potentially hire to transport a classic car.

Check the Costs

While online, check the costs to ship the car. There are several factors that are important to remember when costs are formulated for shipping vehicles. Typically, the larger the vehicle, the higher the cost. When talking about classic cars and rare cars, it can be expected to pay more because of the extra care and service required to get them to their destination safely. 

Another element that will impact the costs for the classic car to be transported is the speed at which it needs to arrive at its destination. If the time is short between when the shipment is scheduled and the day it must leave, expect to pay more. If time is not of the essence, taking more time to ship can save money. 

Regardless of the cost, it is also important to note that shipping companies do not typically require a deposit for a quote. Getting a quote to ship a classic car should be free. So, get as many quotes as possible to make an informed decision. 

Ask Questions

Aside from the cost, it is important to ask other questions to potential shippers. First of all, it is important to ask how they calculate the shipping cost. Knowing what each cent is going towards in shipping this precious cargo is valuable information. Sometimes people are willing to pay a different amount when receiving a detailed quote because they value how their money is being spent.

It is important to also ask the potential company if keeping things in the vehicle is allowed. Different companies have different policies. Getting that question answered prior to booking a particular company is important. Because, if they do not allow items to be in the vehicle when it is shipped, additional outside costs may be incurred due to shipping other items separately that could not remain in the car. 

It is also important to find out if the company provides specific services you may require for the car to be shipped. If a person requires door-to-door transportation and a company does not provide it, a different company will need to be chosen. 

In addition, if someone is pressed for a delivery time, are there options available to get the vehicle to its destination faster. If so, how does it impact costs? Getting answers to these and other questions that may come up are extremely important prior to making a decision.

Ask questions pertaining to damage. If something happens along the way, who will be responsible to cover the repairs? When it comes to classic cars and the cost already invested in them before shipping, making sure every penny for potential extra spending needs to be addressed. 

Even something as simple as a scratch should be asked about when covering damage cost. Regardless of the amount of damage, know the cost and who it could be the responsibility of.

Do Not Rush

Sometimes people are pressed for time when making a decision. However, it is extremely important to take as much time as possible before choosing a shipping company for a classic car. 

Doing the research on company history and reputation, along with the costs included to ship are all important to consider.  A simple note or postcard is not being shipped here – it is a classic, beautiful, valuable, and rare classic car. It’s well worth it to be thoughtful when choosing a transport company to protect your investment.