A vehicle for every road: 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek

The compact SUV market is one the boom with every major manufacturer coming out a version of its own to mark its presence in the already crowded market. Subaru, over the years has earned its name for producing quality cars that are high on performance. The 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek is essentially a station wagon version of the Subaru Impreza with a bit more of an approach to the adventure lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some of the important aspects of the car:

The car borrows most of its look from the latest Impreza which itself has its own unique styling from other manufacturers. The Crosstrek has a smart design theme, its high ground clearance gives it a very muscular stance while the flared wheels arches with plastic cladding add a sense of ruggedness to the car. Upfront the car looks vey sharp with many well placed creases running the length of the hood. In the profile view, the sloping roofline is prominently visible which imparts a sense of sportiness to the car.

The rear is kept very simple with two compact wrap around tail lamps placed in a neat fashion. Overall the car looks elegant and has sportiness in its appeal.

The interior layout features a well laid dashboard with a massive 6.2 inch touch screen infotainment display. Use of high quality materials and soft touch plastics makes the car feel a lot luxurious and the neat layout of the car enhances this appeal even further. The car provides ample headroom and shoulder room to its occupants, thus making long journeys a lot less tiring.

The car is powered by a 4 cylinder 2 liter engine which produces a respectable 148 horsepower. Although the power available is on the lower side, it is more than enough to propel this SUV quickly and maintain its momentum. Where this car loses on power, it makes up for it by providing spectacular fuel economy. The Crosstrek has a fuel efficiency of 34 miles per gallon on highway which is way more than its competitors in the market. Hitting the mountains around Colorado, the Crosstrek had no issues climbing the various hills, and even in turns showed its sporty roots from the Impreza.

The power is transferred to all the 4 wheels via five speed manual gearbox or a CVT arrangement. The CVT provides better acceleration and has a smoother running as compared to the manual counterpart.

Handling department has always been the forte of Subaru, hence this car is also a great handler around corners. Its high ground clearance makes it perfect for the weekend getaways as it can tackle almost any kind of road.

The car is filled with utility features such as Bluetooth controls, voice command navigation system, adaptive cruise control etc that make driving a very relaxing experience for the driver. It comes with heated front seats and has an option of leather upholstery to give the interiors a premium finish.
Apart from the comfort features, this car is also equipped with many safety features such as Airbags, four wheel ABS, child lock, traction control, electronic brake assist, electronic stability control, daytime running lights etc.

The 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek is a very capable compact SUV which will provide a perfect balance for regular urban drive and occasional off road journeys. It comes with a price tag of 24,500 USD, which is perfectly justified bearing in mind the quality and performance the car is providing to its user. And with the known reliability of Subaru, there would be no concern about this car last for a decade or more, taking on all the roads ahead.