How to Know It’s Time for Glass Replacement on Your Car

Something that is often forgotten or not talked about is the health of our vehicle’s windshield, it’s not usually a talking point amongst people when they meet up but it’s something we should probably take more interest in. We hear of horror stories where windshields are ripped completely off a moving car doing considerable damage to either the driver or numerous cars behind. If we treat our windshield the same as we do any other check we do on our car, then we can dramatically reduce the chance of this ever happening. But what should we look out for? 

Here are a few things to look for so you know when it’s time to replace the glass in your car. 

Serious Damage 

You’d think you would be able to see any form of large, serious damage that occurs on your windshield, but sometimes it could be hidden along the sides or at the top or bottom of the glass. Always check the areas that could be hidden to see if any large cracks could develop. It’s illegal to drive in several states with any form of crack in your glass so it’s not worth getting a ticket over a chance of luck. Besides, if you do have a crack that causes the screen to malfunction you could be putting your life at risk. 

Anything that is in the line of the driver’s sight is also classed as serious damage and will require an entirely new windshield, repairing sometimes distorts the glass, so limiting your view is unacceptable. 

Windshields are made up of a glass sandwich. On the outside and inside layer of the screen, there is a glass layer, then the filling in between is a plastic layer. If two of these layers are cracked or affected then it’s also classed as serious damage and will need a full replacement. 

Cracks And Chips 

You do have the ability to repair a windshield in certain circumstances and it’s down to three main areas — size, depth, and location. If all three areas of criteria are met within their parameters, then you might be able to get away with a simple repair instead of replacing the entire thing. 

Generally speaking, anything up to three inches long will be ok when looking at repairing a crack as long as the depth isn’t too deep, and it’s not in a location that is going to affect the structural integrity of the windshield. As previously said, if anything is in the driver’s line of sight, then you’re going to have to put a new one in. 

Aesthetic Damage 

Whilst this may not affect the functionality of your windshield, it’s going to affect other areas. If you have scratches all over your screen, then it’s going to be difficult to see out of, and if you can’t see then you shouldn’t be driving it on the road. Most of the time this is down to general wear and tear, so it’s important to keep an eye out. 

The good thing with many companies these days is that they will be able to come out and fix your windshield wherever you are, so if you do believe that your car has become unsafe to drive then you can call someone out to come to your house and fix it there. As seen on this URL, if you find your auto glass with scratches, then it’s much better to have it replaced right away. It’s not only your life you’re endangering but others on the road as well. A few hours of having it replaced is worth saving lives. 

Use Your Initiative 

When you get in your vehicle and look through the windshield, if something doesn’t look right, then you’re most probably correct. You drive that car every day and you will know if something seems different. The same goes for the feel of the car. If you’re driving and you start to think the wind distribution of the car is feeling strange, then you’re probably right. This could mean there is damage to the screen on a microscopic level. At this point, you should go and get it changed, there’s no point in receiving fines or putting anyone in danger. 

Getting your windshield repaired or even replaced is something that comes part and parcel of owning a motor vehicle, and you know what? It’s not that expensive. People often fear the amount it’s going to cost when in reality it’s far cheaper than the hospital bills you’ll have to fork out if you ignore any damage. On the plus side, most insurance companies will cover the cost of you replacing the screen, so don’t wait if you have any damage. Get it done before it causes a real accident.