hen night group of women sitting on white floor

Funny Gifts for a Bridesmaid on their Hen Night

The Hen night is a special occasion for every woman. For most women, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go out of the single scene in the best way possible.¬†

We all know women love gifts, and on a day as special as a hen night, you’d be damned if you’re that one friend that didn’t come with a gift.

Hen night gifts do not always have to be sentimental and thoughtful gifts. Instead, you can think inside and outside the box to get them the most creative present you can find.

Here are a few fantastic gift ideas to help with your decision:


If you’ve been friends with the bride from way back, think about getting her a photo book filled with all your favorite memories, including the ones she’s long forgotten. It will spur some laughter and good memories; even better if you’re the maid of honor at the wedding.

With a photo book, you’re assured that you won’t be returning to the party with the same gift as anyone else. However, it would be best if you were first sure that your bride-friend values sentimental gifts over practical ones. Let’s face it; if your friend is a bridezilla, you would have to think of an alternative gift to this.

Bride-to-be sweatshirt

Get the bride a sweatshirt (or even a crop top) with the inscription bride-to-be. She could wear it on the morning of the wedding when she gets her makeup done or runs a few errands before the wedding commences. 

The problem with this gift is that someone else may also come up with it. But that’s not a problem; you could just make the bride wear them all at once. There’s no better way to feel your friends’ love than to wear it. 

Honeymoon thongs/lingerie

Honeymoon thongs are quite the spice. You could gift your bride-friend a pair of bikinis with an exciting design to spice up her honeymoon experience. 

She will be able to enjoy wearing it while on her honeymoon with her spouse or just for herself regularly. In either case, she will treasure it.

What’s a hen party if no friend brings thong gifts for the bride? But, come to think of it, everyone, bride or not, needs a pair of thongs (or more).

A novelty dildo

You can gift your friend a dildo if you’re sure they would be okay with it. Unfortunately, some brides aren’t comfortable receiving dildos on their hen nights, especially from distant friends (it literally feels like you’re mocking their bedroom life).

If you’re sure she won’t mind, feel free to give her a tool to spice up her bedroom frenzy as much as she pleases. You can even try find something unusual like a fantasy style dildo to really get a giggle out of the girls. 

Wine condom sets

Wine condoms are delightful bachelorette gifts and practical bridesmaid gifts for any wine enthusiast with a filthy sense of humor. They offer exceptional protection because of their tight fit around the bottle’s neck.

Same Penis Forever 

If your bride-to-be does not mind using vulgar language on her presents, then there is no better thing to get her than a gift that reminds her of her eternal ‘sentence.’ You could have this inscription branded on any gift and even set it up as a banner for the hen night party.

Flirty Aprons

Flirty aprons are a fantastic gift for a bride-to-be. Who says the fun has to be limited to the bedroom? Get her a piece of flirty aprons (like the type you see mistresses wear on TV), so she can spice things up during her honeymoon and after.

Hubby’s face panties

Here’s one way to crack up the bride. Find a picture of her would-be husband, take it to a designer, have them crop out the head, and print multiple pieces of it on panties. 

This is sure to get everyone all cracked up. And, you can be sure no one else thought of the same idea as you.