Welcome to the Week in Review for July 9th to July 15th: “There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” ―Ernest Hemingway

Saturday, July 9th This week of unintentionally profane coffee mugs, surprisingly successful animal attacks, and wildly inappropriate video game usage got off to artistically challenging start today, with a report that surrealist Scottish painter Peter Doig is facing a $5 million lawsuit for refusing to claim a work as his own. From details revealed in today’s Seattle Times article, it appears the case is a shameless cash grab, as it dubiously asserts Doig worked in an unfamiliar medium, served mysteriously unrecorded prison time, and doesn’t know how to spell his own name. At this point, art and legal experts are puzzled as to exactly why U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feinerman is allowing the case to proceed.

Sunday, July 10th For animal rights activists, bull fights are seldom events which provide smiles or laughs. But spiteful members of the PETA crowd—along with those who just enjoy the occasional ironic death—got some good news today, when Sky News reported that matador Victor Barrio was gored to death while performing at a festival in the Spanish city of Teruel in Aragon. While we’re an enthusiastic omnivore with little patience for righteous vegetarians and vegans, we’ve always found the traditional spectacle distasteful, and have little sympathy when its garishly clad practitioners get killed. Rarely has the adage “when you mess with the bull, you get the horns” been so appropriate.

Monday, July 11th Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that four officers working a Minnesota Lynx basketball game deserted their posts after they spotted players wearing Black Lives Matter t shirts during pre-game practice. Infuriatingly, the petulant, childish move was commended by the president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, and provided a compelling illustration that for many in the law enforcement community, the killing of unarmed black men isn’t seen as a problem. While the shirts also offered support for the officers recently killed in Dallas, apparently even the suggestion of accountability was too much for this quartet of thin-skinned whiners, who predictably went unnamed.

Tuesday, July 12th The runaway success of Pokémon Go has gotten millions of players out of the house and added an astonishing $7 billion to Nintendo’s stock price. But while the mobile game’s popularity seems unstoppable, it’s important to remember that there’s a time and place for everything, unfortunately, today some clueless folks  had to be reminded that the Holocaust Museum isn’t an appropriate venue to catch Bulbasaur, Doduo, or Pidgeotto. According to the Washington Post, it’s unclear exactly why any of the adorable distraction’s whimsical characters wound up in a location dedicated to reminding visitors about the Nazi regime’s reign of unspeakable terror, but we suspect it was an accident.

Wednesday, July 13th Canada’s CBC News reported that a funeral procession in Tecumseh, Ontario took a literal unusual turn today, when the mourners went through the drive-thru of north-of-the-border staple Tim Horton’s. And while the incident might sound like a terrible GPS-related blunder, it actually proved to be a touching tribute to departed local resident Rosemary Dibbley, who’d made a daily ritual out of stopping at the restaurant for her morning tea. Employees at the restaurant went above and beyond to accommodate the crowd, and passed out tea bags decorated with hearts to everyone in the solemn motorcade. According to her newly widowed husband Pat, “It was very touching, it meant so much.”

Thursday, July 14th One of our favorite pieces of travel-related advice deals with English drinking culture, and says, “If you’re in a pub and someone starts calling you a cunt, you’ve made a friend. But if they start calling you mate, it’s probably time to leave.” And while many of our friends from across the pond throw the c-word around like it’s their first name, here in the States, even salty sailors tend to use it sparingly. So it’s likely the University of North Texas will be redesigning it’s coffee mugs in the very near future, because as Dangerous Minds astutely pointed out today, the current version looks less like an endorsement for an institution of higher learning, and more like a giant expletive. We love it.

Friday, July 15th Over the past few years, many individuals have become so fixated on their mobile phones that they can’t even bother to walk properly. Fortunately, today we received word that the city of Toronto has just taken a bold step toward combating these clueless menaces. Because according to The Star, its city council just voted 26 to 15 to consider legislation which would ban texting while walking. Mayor John Tory is said to be in full support of a measure, which would target those who wander into crosswalks without bothering to glace up at traffic. And while there’s certainly plenty of room for authorities to abuse such a law, we’re confident our northern neighbors won’t turn it into “stop-and-frisk.”