Watch Reissues round silver-colored Tissot chronograph watch

The 5 Best Vintage Watch Reissues

Today is a lucky day for all watch lovers who also have old souls. It is one thing to love watches, but it is another thing to love vintage watches. Previously, watch lovers who prefer vintage-style watches needed to buy actual vintage watches. Times are changing because many watch brands have now been debuting famous vintage watch reissues to make their old catalogue available to a new generation!

Seiko Prospex 1959 Alpinist Recreation SJE085

This Japanese watch brand has always been one of the go-to timepieces for those who want to get stunning watches at affordable prices. For 2021, Seiko did not want to miss the trend of re-imagining vintage watches. For vintage watch lovers, the Seiko Prospex watches will be perfect for you. The Seiko Prospex 1959 Alpinist Recreation takes its inspiration from Seiko’s first-ever sports watch – the original Seiko Alpinist in 1959. Way back in 2020, Seiko reissued its 1990 version.

Just by looking at it, you may think that it is a dress watch because of its design. However, Seiko has designed this timepiece for Japanese mountaineers. That means this Seiko watch is truly intended for action! We know that everyone loves Seiko watches because of their affordable prices. With the Seiko Prospex 1959 Alpinist Recreation, you will need to shell out more money since this watch is one of its top-tier luxury watches. This 36.6mm watch has a Seiko 6L35 automatic and water resistance of 200m.

Q Timex 1978 Reissue Day-Date

Timex is a crowd favorite watch brands because of its high-performance watches that you can bring home at affordable prices. Some legendary watch reissues that have been released from the last century came back as a high-end watch reimagined for modern times. Timex brings in a lot of nostalgia with its retro-style timepieces. Timex continues to add vintage watches to its Q watch collections. Aside from this, they offer reliable Quartz watches—a pleasant change to try out aside from mechanical watches. The Q Timex 1978 watches Reissue Day-Date has a vintage design that commands attention. This 35mm vintage dress watch is safe for splashing and waddling along the beach with its 50m water resistance.

Accutron Legacy

Not many may know about this watch brand, but you may find it familiar upon learning about the American brand Bulova which is its parent company. Accutron offers watches with the “world’s first electrostatic energy movement,” as they call it. It may also be interesting to know that Accutron has lots of unique watch collections with midcentury designs. If TV watches are not unique for you, then we do not know what is. Designs sometimes become too eccentric—a bold move for designing watches if you ask us. The 38mm Accutron Legacy watch is one of these avant-garde watches with a 30m water resistance.

Bulova Mil Ships

You may frequently hear about Swiss brands when it comes to prestigious watches, but this American watch brand does not slouch when compared to its European rivals. You may already be familiar with Bulova after talking about one of its sister brands, Accutron. Bulova has offered reliable watches at affordable prices such as the Oceanographer or “Devil Diver” and the Lunar Pilot or “Moonwatch”.

For the 2021 vintage watch reissues trend, they chose a dive watch that they have never even released—the timepiece remained only as a prototype. If you have been eyeing a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms all your life but cannot get one because of the budget, this watch is a good timepiece to consider. The Bulova Mil Ships is a handsome choice with its 41mm diameter and a movement of Miyota 82S0 Automatic. This watch can take up to 200m water resistance.

Tissot PRX

Tissot is also one of the prestigious Swiss brands out there that you can get for an affordable price. Aside from reimagining the 60s and the 70s era and style of watches, Tissot also looks at other decades for the neo-vintage trend. Tissot chose the Tissot PRX—a watch giving you a lot of 80s vibes even if it was released in the late 70s. This Quartz watch has all the marks of a good quartz watch. The Tissot PRX is an eye-catcher—a timepiece that truly stands out from all its reissues. The new Tissot PRX still has a Quartz movement, but they also have a movement with an ETA C07.111 Automatic technology. This 40mm can withstand 100m water resistance. You can get this watch for only $375! For a god-tier automatic piece, this timepiece is already quite a good steal!

Throwback Timepieces

These are just some of the vintage watch reissues that reliable watch brands have re-imagined for 2021. If you want to check out more watches, you can visit reliable boutiques and online sites to know more about vintage-style watches and watch brands. With the influx of imitation timepieces, you need to be sure about where to purchase your watches. We have always liked as they offer a wide range of luxury watches and affordable ones. We have even picked up a few of our own timepieces from them.