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Net Neutrality Week on FactoryTwoFour

Editorial, Tech  /   /  By Adam Kaslikowski  /  227 views

Welcome to FactoryTwoFour’s Net Neutrality Week

We are dedicating this week to discussing what, exactly, net neutrality is and how it might change in the near future. It is deeply important, to everyone around the globe, how the internet is set up and distributes information. Before you know what side you’re on, you’ll need to get the facts.

All week we’ll be bringing you new facts and unique perspectives on the Net Neutrality fight, so you can be fully informed on what this battle means for not just the web, but you personally. Make sure to join us each day as our writers share their views and research with you, and join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more up-to-date coverage.


Adam Kaslikowski
About the Author

Co-founder and CEO of FactoryTwoFour. I enjoy writing about all factors of this lifestyle of ours. If I'm not writing or running F24, you can generally find me in the garage tinkering on a vintage car or motorcycle. If you need anything from me, try bribing with Randy's Donuts first.

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