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We love INDOCHINO here. I mean LOVE them. How much? They are our official/unofficial only suit company we buy from. Ever since they measured me up for my wedding and made me look DAPPER AS HELL (which is actually quite difficult) for the big day, there was no hesitation in that decision. I have bought 3 suits from them so far and am about to buy another, and with their Black Friday sale, I know I will be adding a few more.

Hurry to save up to 70% in showrooms and online during INDOCHINO’s biggest Black Friday Event ever. Great deals on all suits, shirts & accessories with suits starting at $429 (reg. price $799-$999). Use code BLKFRI online or in showrooms. The full list of sale items is below.

Deep Burgundy Melange $329.00 $799.00
Navy and Indigo Windowpane $329.00 $799.00
Chambray and Burgundy Windowpane $329.00 $799.00
Gray Birdseye Stripe $329.00 $799.00
Midnight Forest Melange $329.00 $799.00
Premium Indigo Sharkskin $359.00 $799.00
Premium Navy $359.00 $799.00
Premium Gray $359.00 $799.00
Premium Charcoal $359.00 $799.00
Premium Black $359.00 $799.00
Premium Silver Sharkskin $359.00 $799.00
Premium Gray Sharkskin $359.00 $799.00
Premium Navy Blue Sharkskin $359.00 $799.00
Premium Black Tuxedo $449.00 $999.00
Premium Midnight Blue Tuxedo $449.00 $999.00
Black Tuxedo $449.00 $999.00
White Oxford Pinpoint $70.00 $129.00
Ice Blue Fineline Dobby $70.00 $129.00
Teal Deco Diamonds Tie $14.70 $49.00
Blue and Silver Basketweave Tie $14.70 $49.00
Light Blue Cotton Pocket Square $15.60 $39.00
Navy Foulard and Micro Paisley Pocket Square $14.70 $49.00

The full sale selection can be viewed at

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