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Who We Are

FactoryTwoFour is where modern gentlemen are made. We don’t believe you need a $1,200 blazer or vintage Italian espresso machine in your ultra-modern loft to be a good person. What we do believe is that the modern man is a different kind of man than he was in the past. Objects and acquisitions don’t define him, taste and effort do. The FactoryTwoFour team is here to bring you those experiences that take taste and effort without breaking the bank. We don’t believe in a quick way out, and hopefully neither do you.

Join us at the Factory, and engage in the original lifestyle.

The F24 Family

Adam Kaslikowski

Adam Kaslikowski

CEO / Co-Founder

Co-founder and CEO of FactoryTwoFour. I enjoy writing about all factors of this lifestyle of ours. If I’m not writing or running F24, you can generally find me in the garage tinkering on a vintage car or motorcycle. If you need anything from me, try bribing with Randy’s Donuts first.

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Richard Melick

Richard Melick

Editor at Large / Co-Founder

Co-founder and Editor at Large of I am a writer and photographer with global travel ambitions. I never shy from a new recipe, adventure, or experience. I write about what I love.

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Nick True

Beer Reviewer

A science teacher with a love of pop-culture and fine alcohol. I love everything fascinating and incredible about the world around us, search for the lesser known aspects of pop-culture, and appreciate nothing more than a fine glass of scotch or well-balanced beer.

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